A useful story on Offgrid living

Here is a very useful story about building an Off-Grid home in Arizona

Our Off-Grid Solar Home in the Arizona Desert – SteveAdcock.us

Steve Adcock has also posted a video here


Offgrid: A-Frame Residence + 40 acres

This is located in one of USA’s last frontiers. The landscape remains almost unchanged since the days the first settlers arrived.  Here you will find a small community of small ranchers and people with a preference to live off-grid.   By living off-grid you would be warmly welcomed by your neighbours…if you can find them (but don’t stray onto their land!)  Wildlife is everywhere here, with elk, deer and antelope all sharing this largely undeveloped land. It has a relatively mild climate at an altitude of around  6,300 feet. Most of the area is heavily wooded. Here you will be able to truly appreciate the stunning views, the incredible red sunsets and beautiful starry nights….
Note:  (The property is not for sale!)

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